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Hi everyone,

I posted this as a blog post accidentally, I'm new to this community!! so re posting here in the forum...

I was just wondering what a good alternative to hemp seeds and hemp protein powder would be?

I'm Australian and hemp products are not allowed for human food consumption here.

(I wanted to ask this question on Brendan Brazier's website, but there wasn't a "contact us" or "ask a question about the diet/books" section, so I'm hoping someone here can help me.) I'm yet to buy his books, though I'd like to but I noticed a lot of sample recipes contained hemp products. I was REALLY disappointed  after reading so much praise for hemp seeds and hemp protein that I wouldn't be able to use it. I would like something vegan and preferably raw...


thank you

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Can you order it online?


There really is no substitute for the superfood hemp! Just a handful of hemp seeds provide your minimum RDA of protein......

I don't know, I'll email and find out

I use chia myself but you might look into Savi Seeds which is sold by Sequel.


You can purchase Hulled Hemp seeds, Hemp Meal and Hemp Oil within Australia from


hey awesome :)

It says in brackets its illegal blah blah cosmetic use only, but the description states all the health benefits such as excellent source of protein, amino acids, etc.. I'm trying figure out if the site intends for people to eat it and they just don't want to be overly obvious about it, or is it really intended for cosmetic use and may be not suitable to eat?... they also have hemp protein powder but it is sold out, would anyone use that in cosmetics for real?

All their products are of a food grade standard and suitable to be consumed. "but only in a country that permits it".    ;-) The legislation regarding hemp foods is due to be amended this year. See a petition at Get Up here.

Hulled hemp seeds contain more protein than the hemp meal(protein) as it is just the by-product from the pressing of the oil. There are Canadian protein powders available with higher levels of protein but I have not seen them available in Australia as yet.

Good luck!

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