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I have switched my husband and I to this program which works great for him as he is a endurance athlete..How will this work for me..I have been following it now for about a month and I am noticing that I am not as lean due to the fat/calorie count..I am go to the gym 4x a week plus do interval traning and yoga..I'm 40 about 5'6 and 115lbs..I don't want to loose the muscle I have worked hard to build the last 2 years with weight training and following a typical "Weight training diet" High Protein from meat, low carbs, low fat..Input please :)



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what are you asking exactly? what are your goals?

What I am wondring is if anyone else that is following this plan is noticing that they are not as lean due to the high fat/calories in the plan..Lots of seeds, nuts, oils..

I am not an endurance athlete so will this plan have me gaining weight if I am just in the gym as it iss not the typical weight training paln of lots of protein and low carbs..Goals are to stay lean and build muiscel which is really hard for me


what is the plan? you have not stated what your doing

Following the meal plans and supplements as suggensted in the Therive Books.

6:30 AM Protein and Oatmeal with fruit

9:00 AM Pre-Workout drink Vega Sport

9:30 AM Workout..Gym weights 1 hour and 30 min cardio intervals on stairs

11:00 Post Workout Drink Vega Sport

12:30-1:00 Protein Drink Vega Sport Large Salad or Meal from book

4:00 Light Dinner..Raw soup  or Salad or meal plan from book

7:00 pm Yoga

8:30 pm Snack or 1 scoop of meal replacement


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