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I just purchased the Choc flavour Vega WFHO. Is there a good way to mix it? I have been using the Vega Smoothie for awhile now by adding it to my fruit smoothies I make. However the chocolate does not go well with the smoothies I make.. Any suggestions would be great! I really want the benefits that Vega offers but trying to find a better way to mix it! I can't have dairy, so I have tried Rice milk and didn't care for it...has anyone tried it with Almond milk?

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Loads of good options! Almond milk is a really good way to go. It has a little sweeter and heavier consistency than rice milk and blends well with the chocolate. I sometimes make a smoothie with it and add strawberries and vanilla rice milk. It reminds me of neapolitan ice cream from when I was little. Try a few different options until you find what you like!
Thanks for the options...I think I will try the almond milk
I mix it with coconut water and 1/2 a banana and usually throw in some frozen raspberries.
I had it with almond milk, its really not bad at all
If you have a good blender, throw in some nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts etc), some almond milk or hemp milk, half a banana, a little bit of agave, some ice, and you are on your way. If you add chocolate almond milk, or chocolate hemp milk, even better.

Hi Melanie,


For a choc fix, I use the shake n go vanilla almondilla with roasted carob powder and almond milk.  To make what I have termed the "chocolate covered cherry smoothie"  I add fresh or frozen berries and a touch of honey.  It's delicious!!

I just tried it with "Yu" brand Basmati Rice milk. It tasted like sweet chocolate milk!! Highly recommended.

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