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A lot of raw (and smoothie) recipes I've seen require ground flax seeds.  But, I've
heard a good bit about the need to soak flax prior to grinding it and consuming it.
I've done some searching and have yet to find answers to this question:

How much water should I use to soak flax seeds?  And then, once soaked for an
appropriate time (24 hours, at least, I hear) what is the best way to go about preparing
them for grinding?  Dry them first?  Grind them as is (wet)?  


Gratitude to all who have posted here, I am learning SO much. 


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Hi Tad!

I'll be honest, I often go the lazy route & buy flaxmeal (pre-ground flaxseeds), but I find they're not difficult for me to digest :) I've never soaked my flaxseeds (though I do with all my nuts), but just make sure they're covered with about an inch or two of water above them. Leave them to soak overnight (roughly twelve hours), et voila! All done :) I'm not sure about when would be best to grind them after, but I would probs wait until they're dry.
Thanks Charlene.

Yes, I figured that I would need them to be dry before grinding, but just wondered if anyone here may have specific drying techniques they could impart to me.
Do you have a dehydrator? You can dehydrate using one of those, or lay them on a cookie sheet & leave them to dry in the sun.

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