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Hi there, My SO and I went vegan 3mos ago. We were pretty healthy eaters before, always having org. veg, lemon water, no fast foods anyway-  but just ditched the milkproducts and grassfed beef.

Part of the switch was reading Thrive, and Brendans other books.  I figured VEGA looked like the way to be even healthier, even stronger, and have more energy.

But I have been thru 3 WFHO, and have come to the conclusion I can't live with the daily bloating and gas. From annoying, to can't wear a belt, to embarrassing- and when I had to be in public for a week I quit the VEGA, and finally felt at peace with my guts!


WHAT is it about WFHO that I can't stomach? I have tried 2scps, or 1 scp, with water, with cocomilk,  in recovery pudding, or made  smoothies- I get gas no matter what. I tried am or before bed.


Now I am upset as I hoped this product was dosing me with a good deal of nutrition. I am a farmgirl- I exercise ALL DAY LONG, I need energy, and strength, walk and lift all day.


Further, I think I am getting more exhausted from my day- and crash every night around 8pm. My workload has not increased, if anything, its very low at the moment! 

 Some of the regular tasks (lifting) are making me shaking/ struggle when I used to do waaay more.

Am I anemic? I take subligual B12 sometimes...

I have just stopped WFHO after 3 jugs. I am thinking I'll be feeling even weaker without the nutrition in VEGA..... what should I do now, go back to eating beef????  help.

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Interesting site to check out would be 30 bananas a day...

I'm having the same problem but with the Smoothie mix - I did notice something with VEGA that might help - when I eat it as a smoothie mixed with frozen berries and ice (1-2 Cups frozen berries) - i do NOT get ANY gas (but it's not working that way for me with the smoothie mix for some reason).


Just thought I'd share and no reason I can think of this worked for me but it did...


(and btw, I DO sympathize - i can't go out right now because the gas is THAT bad!!!!! - ugh - see my recent post to the same effect on the other product! ;))


I hope someone else can help you - I wonder which of the ingredients is the culprit - wish we could break it down to find out...


good luck - let's hope we get some answers..



I had the same problem, and have had some decent luck with "activated charcoal" tablets.  I don't know if there are any other adverse effects, but essentially the idea is the charcoal absorbs excess gas (and as a bonus - toxins).  If you've ever had a pet get into rat poison or other toxins, the vet gives the animal charcoal to absorb the poison and pass it safely through the system.  Sold in the herbal section at Whole Foods or alternative pharmacies.  Also try drinking more water throughout the day.  If you're super active, you may not be hydrating enough.  I find that I'll flush my system more quickly when I top up on water, frequently.  I'm not a doc or expert, these are just a couple of things I've tried.
Have you tried 1 scoop with 2x's the water?  I just started drinking it and I am starting slow because I have a really sensitive stomach.  Have you tried enzymes with it?  If that fails...I have been juicing my vegetables and fruits once or twice a day (on top of green shakes) and it is like drinking liquid energy.

As luck would have it; Brendan came to a  city near me for Book Signing!  So I asked him straight up.  He figured its a detox reaction. And to start slower- like a 1/4 dose.  It could be the chlorella, or probiotics.


I tried overdosing water after WFHO- but when you  have a ballon in your guts the  water makes it that much more painful.

We picked up Brendans new Recipe Book- looks amazing. Could be that I eat  the real food instead of make drinks and smoothies. 


 I have been struggling in my day with productivity, and strength.

 Husband doesn't have the active life I do; he feels fine at the office.

 I was looking to WFHO for whatever's "missing".

I too had to give up on WFHO, and much to my disappointment as well (I tried for a year to get my gut accustomed to it, also in all the different variations people here recommend — less WFHO, more water, etc., etc. — with absolutely no luck). To this day, I have no idea what ingredient in WFHO was making my stomach feel like I had eaten a handgrenade everyday, but interestingly, the Vega performance protein doesn't give me any of the gastronomical distress that WFHO does.

The solution that I've taken to is just making my own smoothies. I follow the recipes in Thrive and add a blend of pea/hemp/rice proteins in the ratios recommended in the book, along with enzymes and probiotics (I add inner-eco) and chlorella to what I make. Give that a shot and see how that works for you.

Umm maybe your consuming too much? Or not eating enough fruits? It says that at first you may experience gas due to the cleansing, but since youve gone through 3 jugs that's probably not it. I take 1/2 a serving with 8oz. of water then chase it with a cup of chocolate soy milk and I've NEVER had any gas or bloating.

I think it just comes down to ONE thing....LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I was vegan for 6 months and it did NOT agree with me even though I was meeting all my nutritional requirements. I got weak, tired and depressed. We are ALL different, we have different blood types and body compositions, and need to HONOR our bodies.


Have you heard of the Ayuvedic System? It is an Ancient Medical Science from India. There are THREE different body types, you can be TWO, but are primarily dominant in one:


1) Vatta

2) Pitta

3) Kapha


Each constitution requires different nutritional needs AND if you DO NOT get that type of food you become IMBALANCED (i.e. weak, stressed, unable to sleep etc.)


I am primarily Vatta. So when I don't GET what I need I become anxious, flighty, and depressed. I need foods to BALANCE me. 


So even though I do EAT primarily vegan, I ensure I have fish or a piece of meat (around my moon cycle) because that is what my body needs and CRAVES to stay balanced and FEEL GOOD!


If you wanted to STAY vegan....I'm sure you could be creative! Maybe your body constitution requires STEAMED veggies NOT raw....or MORE fat and less carbs. WHO KNOWS! 


You can google Ayuvedic Quiz to uncover WHAT constitution you need! 

I'm betting it's the stevia. Try stevia by itself and see what happens. I've had the same problem.

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