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Hi Everyone,

this is my first post on the vega community.

I'm trying to follow some of the thrive diet recipes but am having trouble as it seems Hemp Seeds are illegal for consumption in Australia so i can't buy them anywhere. I can get Hemp Protein powder (as long as i say i'm using it as pet food!!!)

Is there a substitute i can use for Hemp Seeds in recipes like the burger patties?


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Brad first thing you do is start a lobby for the legalization of hemp seeds...LOL! Somebody really needs to explain just how healthy they are!

It's pretty hard to match hemp seeds nutritionally, gram for gram, but a combination of ground flax, sunflower and sesame seeds might do it?? Visit and join the Kristen's RAW Recipes group lots of ideas goin round there someone will have a good idea. Can you aquire Hemp oil? or the Vega EFA oil? these plus hemp protein would be close... in a backwards sort of way??

The almond hemp seed burger is a fav! Now if we could only get the Australian gov. to see the grand injustice they have committed to vegans and health nuts alike :)
Oh man, you have NO idea!! Having come from living in BC to move to Queensland, it is SO frustrating to not be able to access hemp!! I thought I'd found a local company online, but it seems that they are not operational. I have imported Vega WFHO at great expense, but there aren't a lot of companies that carry Vega that will send it here (ie. Amazon won't, and I can't get Vega Sport!)
Brad, I will totally back you should you decide to lobby the government on behalf of hemp!
WOW, and I thought the US was bad.
Wow, I'm also really surprised that they're illegal there!
I just happened upon Hempseed today at local Health Food Store. It is Manufactured Nutraceutical Copr for VegLife, a Solaray Brand in Park City, Utah. Peaceful Planet Holy Hemp Hempseed Nut. It is raw, shelled hempseed. Maybe you could order it online? Contact info on the bag is: or 1.800.VEG.0250.
Hope this helps - Good Luck!
Maybe you could get a friend from Canada or the States to ship it to you in a concealed box.
it's slowly changing.. Brisbane is pretty bad, whereas in Adelaide you are allowed 2 WEED plants per person.... crazy, it's totally illogical!!!!
ya, but iherb does not carry Vega Sport - sorry, I'm a broken record - I used iherb for WFHO. Would Australia allow us to import hemp seeds? It seems to me that if it's illegal here, it would be silly to allow people to import it... the gov't takes no responsibility for destroying products that people attempt to import that are not approved..

I'm having the same problem :(


I'm trying to keep away from all meats, but without hemp it looks like some will have to be added to my diet when I'm trining.


also the "petfood" stuff i don't think can be 100% gaurenteed to return negative tests, i take regular drug tests for work...


I posted a similar question regarding hemp (i hadn't seen this discussion) Anyway a guy just replied and said that we Aussies can get hemp stuff here


If you click the 'about hemp' tab there is a lot of info about the health benefits of consuming hemp, but then in brackets tells us that Aussies are only allowed to use their products for cosmetic use, but they invite anyone from other western countries to eat their products and then go on to specify which products are best to consume, so they are food grade. So.... yeh....


What can we do to get our government to let us eat hemp products? I mean, it sucks! hemp isn't drugs, why can't they just ban marijuana and let us have hemp for health reasons?

There is currently a discussion paper by the FSANZ... please spread the word, I'd love some people who are more knowledgeable in the subject to submit responses.



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