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In the Thrive, Brendan suggest to sprout all kinds of beans.
Many raw food and sprouting websites say some bean sprouts need to be boiled first because of toxins or something.
In the book, there are recipes calling for bean sprouts, labelled as RAW.

Brendan says:

"Raw legumes are ideal for sprouting. Sprouting improves both
legumes’ nutritional value and digestibility—enough so that they may
be eaten raw. As well, sprouting allows the digestive enzymes to
remain intact, eliminating gas production altogether."  - The Thrive Diet p.134

Who is right then?
Why are there opposite statements about this?

Which bean sprouts can be eaten raw?
May you please give me exhaustive answer to this?

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I'm new to the sprout thing as well. I have started with Mung. They are a blast to sprout, and seem to be the most common. I do however try to do a quick (15 min) soak in Non-Chlorine bleach to remove any yucky stuff, and of course buy organic. Then I soak them over night before starting a rinsing regimen. Within a few days the jar is full of happy sprouted beans. I try to throw them on everything, raw, as is. I have been working on Adzuki beans, Quinoa, and sunflower. However, they seam to have a slightly different soaking times. As far as I have read, those all can be eaten raw as well. Just don't forget to do the original soak, and keep up with the rinses. My Adzuki's seems to be taking quite a bit longer to sprout. Not sure if this is normal. The quinoa that I sprouted have such little tails it is almost hard to see that they have sprouted. I am using a Mason Jar with cheesecloth on top held down with a rubber band. Before I had the Mason, I was using a regular kitchen strainer over the lid to rinse. That worked just as well too. I have also experimented with sprouting beans, and some plain beans from the bulk section at the store. There does not seem to be any difference in sprouting quality.
I guess what I meant to say is, I have been eating the Mungs like crazy and have not died yet. :)
Check out
This should tell you everything you need to know. Good luck!
(PS. I have had great sucess sprouting chickpeas, mung beans, lentils, alfalfa, quinoa, radish, sunflower and buckwheat)
"Many raw food and sprouting websites say some bean sprouts need to be boiled first because of toxins or something." - by saying that i meant as well.
"Black beans should be cooked before eating" - this is a quote from

in The Thrive, there are RAW recipes with these beans, what is more
Brendan suggest to sprout all kind of beans - that's all we can read - nothing more about that.
u cant read in the book if we should boil them or not.
logical assumption tells me to eat them raw.
but sprouting sites tell me to boil them.

I have eaten some sprouts as well, but can't risk as i have some problems with my liver.
i simply want to know, if it can be done raw, and why there are different statements about it.


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