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Hello! I am new here :) I just read The Thrive Diet and I'm anxious to get started. I am a long time vegetarian, I and I just made to switch to Vegan. The only issue is that I am on a very fixed (and small!) budget for a family of two adults and one toddler!  Has anyone else had this issue? What are the important basics I should start with? Thank you :)

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Fruits and veggies and everything else is gravy in my opinion...
I am new to veganism, and the first week was a bit challenging financially.  However, I think I have the money stuff under control.  First, I shop fruits and vegies every other day and I buy in SMALL quantities so nothing spoils.  I buy beans, rice, and nuts in a bulk food store; again I buy in small quantities since there is no packaging cost.  Although it's not exactly a "raw food," I buy boxed cereal: Bran Buds is great for thickening soups and chili; I mix high fiber sweet cereals to make a snack mix.  For bread, I buy a regional specialty called "Dave's Killer Bread" --multiple varieties, high protein, high fiber, no preservatives; it is more expensive per loaf, but it is real food and lasts longer.  And I cook: I sprout beans, I make my own raw food bars, I make tofu mayonnaise, and I look for different recipes to try; leftovers get frozen.  My one extravagance is the Vega EFA oil blend--it makes the most awesome salad dressings.
mmmm thats sounds good..Im too lazy for all that though
I understand lazy.  I spend about 3 hours on a Sunday doing my "cooking" for the week.  It takes me longer to do my shopping than my cooking.

Michael Bangel said:
mmmm thats sounds good..Im too lazy for all that though

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