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So I discovered vega whole food optomizer a few months ago.. thought it looked great.. read about it, knew someone who used it.. all sounded good


I would have it every morning (2 scoops) in a shake, normally with a banana and coconut milk or something similar.


A few months ago I started getting terrible gas.. all day, really foul gas.. really embarrasing.. I thought there was something wrong with me.. though I had some real digestive issues.


Turns out it was the Vega all along. I started getting suspsicious the past few weeks, realized that I was mostly farting the first half of the day.. then logically I started to think it was the Vega.. so I looked it up online and to my suprise found many other people complaining of gas, bloating, and many people actually getting violently ill even ending up in the ER after using the stuff.


I will never use any Vega product again. I didnt have my shake today and voila NOT EVEN a single fart today.. and to think I actually thought there was something wrong with me!


Not to mention Vega also has a lot of Iron in it - excess Iron in the body has been linked with cancer, heart problems, diabetes, impotence you name it. Most people get plenty of Iron from there diet, yes even vegans.. why? because vitamin C increases Iron absorbtion by 6 times, so even if your not eating meat, if your eating fruits and bell peppers and grains/beans/seeds your getting plenty of Iron.


Also I no longer agree with the idea of multivitamins or these kinds of powders.. It cant be healthy to take 100% RDI of all your vitamins tec in one go, its a shock to the system, better to let nutrients ingest slowly over the day.


I dont know what is in this vega stuff but its actually scary what its done to some people. Sequel needs to get there act together and figure it out if they want to stay in business.


It may be the inulin.. im not sure - but I will never use these products again.

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That's wild! I've been taking Vega for many months now and have had no ill effects until this morning... I felt great as usual in the morning. Went downstairs and mixed up my vega smoothie with juice and ice (although I didn't put any fruit in it today like I usually do as I had none) I went to work....and all of a sudden I'm keeled over and spent 30 minutes laying on my office floor from ridiculously painful stomach pains! Never had that before! I had a crazy bm right before that too! (lovely at the office I know!) Now I'm feeling back to normal like it never even happened.

Yea thats worrying.. other people have had the same reaction.. fine for a few months then bam they get hit with symptoms.. ofcourse it could be something unrelated but - given how many people have complained of gastrointestinal issues using this stuff I would say its likely. I stopped using it a few days ago and have felt instant improvement in my digestive system.. I dunno what it is in the product, its either the FOS inulin or the Chlorella or something and I do not believe its a "cleansing reaction".. health people use that as a scapegoat for anything that isnt a positive symptom. If I was running this company I would want to figure out the issue and eliminate it? I would bet its only one or two ingredients that could be reformulated or taken out and no one would have any issues.. dunno why they dont address this issue. With the inulin, the idea is to feed "good" bacteria, but theres a lot of controversy out there over whether thats what happens or not.. a lot of people believe they feed the bad guys too.. so if your gut is slightly off balance and you load up on bacteria fuel.. maybe not the best idea? May also be chlorella;


"At high levels of consumption, chlorella may cause gas, mild gastrointestinal discomfort, or diarrhea"

"Chlorella can be taken at any time of the day.  It can be taken all at once but preferably it should be taken in small dosages throughout the day"


"Chlorella causes the bacteria in our stomachs, the Lactobacilli, to multiply at 4 times the rate of normal."


"The side effects of chlorella can be almost as painful as the disorders that it helps you treat. Bouts with diarrhea, gas, cramps and nausea are common side effects of chlorella treatment."



Here is a great article explaining the ups/downs of inulin:

Personally I dont want to ingest the stuff anymore.. 


It can feed pathogenic bacteria as well.. 


I think what it comes down to is... all of us have different levels of bacteria in our guts and different types.. If youve got a pristinely healthy gut then this stuff may be good for you.. but most people dont, and if you dont - this stuff may feed the bad bacteria and cause problems.

They should make the product more simple.. its like this desire to make "the perfect product" that drives them to add more and more powerful stuff at higher doses.. 


Why not just make a simple, high quality protein drink with some added vitamins and not go overboard with stuff that fuels bacteria and intensely cleanses the body its too much for the body to deal with. Sometimes less is more.

In theory, a food additive that could specifically feed good bacteria might prove useful for intestinal health. Given the nature of the microbes and their ability to quickly adapt to various carbohydrate foods sources, it seems highly unlikely that such a chemical will be developed. Inlulin/FOS has been touted as such a molecule, but seems to fail the test as you examine it further. Even if Inluin/FOS did display specifity for beneficial bacteria, do we know enough about the complex microbial ecology of the human GI tract to deem a species of bacteria better than the others? The GI tract is much like a rain forest with a very complex web of life. What would happen to a rain forest if, in our arrogance, we decided to spread a chemical that fertilized one specific type of tree? Would the overgrowth of one species be beneficial? Our GI tracts have adapted to house a variety of microbes and to disrupt this balance might be detrimental to our health. With these concerns, we recommend staying far away from any product with Inulin/FOS.

Thank you for the links...some very informative reading. I know that my body is very use to taking chlorella on a regular basis without any consequences so I'm leaning far towards the inulin. Very eye opening and just a after reading this I'm not willing to take the risk of ingesting it in a non-natural form.

I agree that less is often more. Thanks for the time you spent on helping inform myself and other readers. The more we share the more we grow!!
I agree that there is way too much iron in the products. I wish they made them without all the added vitamins. I am wondering how the company can claim that you can use multiple times a day (specifically, the sport protein) if there is 60% daily value of iron in each serving.

Hi Victoria


See this website; scroll down to the user comments and you will see a lot of people complaining and one womans story of ending up in the ER.. I think I found another but I will look around.


If I could make a suggestion - it would be to make an iron/inulin free version, I think it would agree with peoples systems a lot more

Hi there Victoria, it's puzzling to me of course as I've been taking Vega for months without any trouble and then after taking it yesterday morning (but this time without fruit) I get severe pains. There has not been a change in my diet or health. It's just after that experience and knowing I'm in good health and was back to 'normal' say about 1 hour after my incident...I'm not really wanting to put myself in that position again without doing a lot more research than I had previously done on Vega ingredients and the long-term effects they can have on my body...good and bad. It's a bit scary reading the website Mo posted above and I'm grateful that my reaction didn't become more severe like others have reported. I really do want Vega to be a pure and healthy addition to my diet and lifestyle.

Hi There,

I had the same issues. I used Vega for a few months and was fine. Then I would encounter cramping and horrible gas when I used Vega. Finally I threw up shortly after ingesting it the last time. I have been off Vega for months and haven't had any issues like this again.


However, I don't feel the iron is to blame. I have extreme iron deficient anemia. My doctor and naturopath agree that I need to take very high doses of iron every day, After I stopped using Vega I started multiple iron pills everyday. Still no symptoms have come back.


I also firmly do not believe that this was a detox reaction. I am a healthy vegan and live clean. I really wouldn't have many toxins to get rid of.

What I do think is that I have an intolerance to one or more of the ingredients in this product. It makes sense that when the body first takes the allergen in, it is still fine because the body still has low levels of the allergen. When you use it regularly, the allergen builds up in your body causing reactions. Something similar happened to me with almonds so I am confident that this is what has happened.

I hope this helps someone!



This was also my experience early on with vega whole food health optimizer. It doesn't go away after your stomach develops the proper type of flora to deal with things like chlorella. There was a time where I was skeptical if I could continue using the product, but after persistent use I now have no problems with bad gas in fact probably less than ever in my life. I would say that your symptoms are merely an indication of a poor balance of bactiria in your gut. I would start drinking kombucha and ensure you are not eating foods that disrupts this balance. It can be a health issue if it does not go away after a few months. Vega is no more a multivitamin then eating veggies.

Hi Everyone


I have been taking Vega for more than a year now and very consistantly for all of 2011.  I am a Marathon runner and find the entire Vega line does wonders for my nutritional needs.  I too find that at times I get gas and man...those farts are a smelly ones...whew :)  It's not consistant for me - and more often then not I know it is because of something else I ate recently, like some junk food or fast food.  I know for me when I eat healthy ( for me ) for my other meals then I do not get gas and my body loves the Vega products.  I think that the body may be just talking and letting out the not so good stuff while the good stuff like Vega takes over.  Eat healthy or roll down the windows if you don't :)

I've had the same embarrassing stinkies! I've used the Optimizer for 2 months and last week went through two terrible days and terrible for those around me! Of stinky gas, bloating, etc. My system seems to have righted itself and I think as long as I avoid the junk food I'll be ok. I am not giving up the benefits of this product just yet.


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