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Hi Guys,


I've already got my long awaited WFHO and sport protein.

didn't try the sport protein yet, but I did try WFHO few moments ago.

and I'm wondering whether it is WFHO's real taste or I've got something which I should send back because I dunno - it was either stored incorrectly or simply there is something wrong with it.

I've mixed two spoons (which were in the packing) of WFHO powder + 1 and half cup of cold water.

The color is khaki-green, smell not very nice but the taste is real bad. I wasn't able to drink it all and almost saw it again ehm..

It should have berry flavor, but it tastes like some bad dried seaweed with sugar.

If there is nothing wrong with it.. can I mix it with something else than cold water to make it taste little better? :/





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By the way, I forgot the kicker for the easy-as-can-be Vega Berry WFHO recipe. I use 16 oz. of water, rather than 8 oz. for one scoop of powder. It is still rich and has body, but isn't too thick and is very easy to drink, with far better faux paus!
I agree.  I think the banana is the key.  I always add half a banana with fruit juice and have discovered that adding dark frozen cherries has really really helped (the taste and the smell). I've also found that adding a little bit of raw peanut butter or raw tahini helps too.  You'll eventually get used to the taste and you're body is going to feel really really good after doing this for a week!!

I know exactly how you feel!  This drink it to good to be true looking at the ingredients, then you taste it and realize it is too good to be true!


Try Mixing Chocolate flavor with a little warm water.


Add one ripe frozen banana, a little bit of cocoa powder, a little bit of agave, a pinch of cinnamon, and maybe some almond/peanut butter, add enough mylk to your liking, I love chocolate almond milk with this.


It's no desert but it's way more drinkable for me at least!


I know the feeling!  After a week of drinking it everyday, you might start craving it (never thought that would happen after my first taste).

lol theres nothing wrong most likely. the stuff tastes almost  unbarable. i have to hold my breath and chug it then chug a cup of chocolate soy milk afterwards (all without breathing in) i have to chase it because its that bad. the first time i drank it i DID see it again! lol its really gross tasting but i feel a lot better when i use it so i just suck it up. it also helps that i only take half a serving (i can down it quicker) absolutely gotta chase it with the soy milk though, if i don't have soy milk i don't drink the shake.
I have never used the WFHO plain. I usually add 1 scoop to a smoothie with frozen fruit and some sort of greens (spinach or kale usually). I use it more as a smoothie booster than a stand alone product. I usually use the plain with a cup of frozen mixed berries, a few handfuls of spinach, some water and coconut beverage replacer (like So Delicious Coconut Beverage).

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