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What's your take on the flavors you have tried? I have only tried chocolate and it made me gag. Which flavor is the least like the chocolate? Which is your favorite and why?

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My favorite WFHO flavor is berry. It tastes amazing when added to any kind of fruit smoothie!
Every morning I make my smoothie and put WFHO Chia Vanilla flavour. It is absolutely amazing and I cannot get enough of it! It adds a sweet taste of Vanilla to a fruit smoothie.
I'm a fan of the vanilla chai as well...goes well with pretty much anything - esp bananas, even avocado...I almost always blend it up into a smoothie using almond/hemp/coconut milk.  The odd time when I'm feeling creative I might try it blended in with a fruit juice/nectar.  I've tried it with both apricot and mango and had decent results.  My all time favorite (and post workout staple) is a 1/2 serving vanilla chai WFHO, 1/2 serving raw organic hemp protein, 2 cups org coconut milk, 1 banana, 1/4 avocado...mmmmmmmmmmmm
Chocolate and berry are my choices. Try them with Rice or Almond milk instead. Makes it more like a smoothie tasting drink, not so bland.

I like the natural flavor most because it's the most versatile for recipes and also more cost effective.  However, If I don't have access to a blender/fruit (like while travelling/living in a hotel room) and I have to drink it with plain water, then I find the fruit flavor best covers up the chlorella taste :P 

At home (where I have my beloved Vitamix) my usual smoothie is 2 scoops Natural flavor with 500cc vanilla almond/hemp mylk (Ani Phyo's recipe), 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries.  I like this mix because of the creamy consistency from the bananas/nut mylk and it's not overly sweet. 

Chocolate made me gag too. I told my husband I thought it was false advertising to have the word "chocolate" on anything that tasted that bad. Vanilla Chai is really good, even with plain water, but I mix it with almond milk and it's heavenly.

I have the vanilla chai and it took a couple days to get used to and I have tried a few different ways. With water, blend etc..but the best I found is mix with orange juice and a straw. I can through it pretty good that way.

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