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I started taking Vega WFO when it first came out. 5?? years ago now? I've lost track.

Anyways, I stopped for a long while, and recently re-started.
Funny thing. My stomach doesn't seem to be agreeing with it this time around.
Has the formula changed since it's first incarnation?
Does anyone else experience issues? (Bloating? Gas? Other??)

Maybe my body chemistry has changed, but I don't think that's the sole reason.
Any feedback would be great!


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How do you isolate it out as the culprit?

Eve Casavant said:
I find the yellow pea protein makes me bloated....
Most people who suffer from fructose malabsorption issues also have issues with FOS. Has anyone heard of FODMAP's?
This might help explain why some people have sore tummys...

I followed the low FODMAP diet for the last two years against my will (as i want to be vegan but my body didn't), and am trying to find some way that i can incorporate Thrive and FODMAPS and still be healthy... i don't think its going to happen but i will keep trying to find a way!

Susan Paleniuk said:
As far as I know, FOS is not an issue with most fruit. Don't let the fructo part fool you. There are glucose-fructose sub units in the structure, but it is not the same as straight up fructose. FOS is a complex sugar, not a simple one. FOS/Inulin is indigestible by humans It gets transported to the large intestine where it feeds microbes and can promote fermentation .FOS is extracted from fruits and vegetables such as bananas, onions, chicory root, garlic, asparagus, barley, wheat, jícama, tomatoes, and leeks. The Jerusalem artichoke and its relative, yacón have been found to have the highest concentrations of FOS of cultured plants.

Ani said:
So how do you do the Thrive diet then if you have issues with FOS... i was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption 3 years ago and was on a fruit/grains/dairy/legume and some veggie free diet for 2 years and have now been eating a wider variety of foods. Legumes and most grains are still out and i have to watch how much fruit i eat and since starting thrive (about 70%) 3 weeks ago i just have pretty bad gas and i seem to poop a lot! So i just wonder what everyone who has these problems with FOS (which is largly a fructose problem) eat? I don't want to give up this lifestyle!! I think i'm good with 1 scoop of WFHO in my smoothie. Maybe its just too much fibre? but all of the foods in Thrive are fibre rich?
Here's what I think would be helpful to the community. Have a webpage where every powdered product is listed with columns that have X's and amounts in the boxes under categories such as Protein-Carbs-Omegas-Fiber-Probiotics-Enzymes, etc. That way people can see very quickly what the differences are between products. I have found myself bouncing back and forth from product page to product page trying to decide which product to use.

Vega Kelly said:
How does everyone feel about the difference between each of these products? Do they all make sense? Would it be helpful for us to do a blog post differentiating each one for the community? I'd love to get your feedback so we can get this in the works if you'd like to see it. Thanks!

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