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Rebekah Nelson
  • Female
  • Richmond, VA
  • United States
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Haven't Tried Any Yet! :(
How did you discover Vega?
I was desperately looking for books at the library to help me through my transition from veggie to vegan, and almost fainted when i pulled out Thrive. My saving grace! It's been a natural stalking relationship with the website since.
Tell us a little more about yourself
I'm a girl in her 20s looking forward to what life has to offer. I've been through some rough experiences physically, and can't be more thrilled to start this journey to see what veganism/thrive can do for my body.

I blog about body image, food, and running at - join me!

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At 1:15pm on September 12, 2010, J.W. Anderson said…
By the way, what made you go vegan? I dont believe I ever asked you that, or you ever stated that fact. Im a bit of a space case myself... Everyone seems to have a different reason :)
At 1:08pm on September 12, 2010, J.W. Anderson said…
I'll definitely try those when I have kitchen space and time to do it, my college roommates arent exactly the nice people when it comes to someone being a vegan.... They've tried to get me to eat meat and stuff I wont leave anything food wise out when they are here... LOL.
At 12:54pm on September 12, 2010, J.W. Anderson said…
Hahah, yeah at least you didn't do like I did. In the course of one year I went from the stance of. I had stopped eating Pork in Junior High and stopped drinking soda in high school (only two foods that were entirely off limits by choice). But when I was a freshmen in college I went from that to Pescetarian, then to a vegetarian (mostly cheese and carbs the only thing they had in my college cafeteria was pizza for vegetarians lol! which is what made me gain all the weight I suppose), then my sophomore year I went vegan straight up. So it was kinda drastic, sure did make my parents heads spin. And now that Im a senior in College Im just sticking to vegan :P. My Parents didn't know what I was or wasn't eating LOL! Your way seems a lot easier than what I did, but then again I think I got a bunch of reality checks with the injuries and what not.

If you have a GF pancake/cookie recipes I would so appreciate it, the ones in Brendan's book are ok. Those are the two things I miss the most and I seriously have not found any recipes that work for me.... they all stick to the pan or fall apart I found out guar gum helps but if I have to add too much the recipe absolutely SUCKS! :P

By the way would you care if I added you on Facebook?
At 8:22pm on September 11, 2010, J.W. Anderson said…
Ok the rest of the story.... LOL I went for a 9 mile run :) I get greens any way I can, weather its a vega product or if I chop up romaine lettuce and put it in the blender. I think honestly it does help to have a whole foods or a farmers market near by. I've pretty much learned if your body wont tolerate it raw try it cooked and if your body tolerates it cooked then thats the way I have to eat certain things.... I know it kinda sucks to think about if you're trying to be as raw as possible but its better to get some nutrients then non at all :)

If there is anything I missed please let me know, I'll have been doing this going on 3 years in October ( I started on the 13th cause its my lucky number). So i'd rather answer questions to help you than you kinda walk into this blindly :) cause I went into it blind and I've messed my self up a little bit along the way (lost too much weight, gained too much weight, not enough water, too much b vitamins.... lol!)
At 3:52pm on September 11, 2010, J.W. Anderson said…
HAHA, Thanks its a story I don't often share :) so thanks! I dropped doing nutrition cause I ran into a lot of professors who told me there is no way I am a vegan or there is no way that I can function on what I eat so its just easier for me to get my philosophy degree and go from there with what I love which is music and art.

My friends think I'm a bit of a crazy person. I just think I've fiddled with a lot of different things. I manage GF because I buy a lot of fresh items, fruits, lettuce etc. I eat different types of grains/beans; Rice, Quinoa, Wild Rice, Red Lentils (full of B-vitamins :) ), Lentils, garbanzo, black beans, red beans, kidney beans. Hummus is a real life saver in a tight spot. Dairy free is simple, if I buy anything in a package I look for a vegan logo or a list of ingredients that are easy to read (if a 5 year old cant read it I wont buy it) I simply pass on anything fishy.

As for the nuts, I avoid nuts I mostly consume Justin's products which are these cool little prepacked packages of nut butters. They are roasted which helps me avoid having a reaction to them, also I've founding soaking nuts helps. I have a real problem with macadamia nuts they just dont like my body and my body feels the same. Cashews I have absolutely no problem with at all.

Also Smoothies really help, I found out about Brendan and I expanded from there. Tim Van Ordan is a really good reference I tried to go 100% raw after 5 months I failed horribly and was passing out left and right and had barely any energy to go to school so I personally dont recommend it. But I eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies. I've found cooked potatoes are nice to eat if you need a lot of energy. Sweet Potatoes absolutely rule, Brendan has a good recipe in his book on them. The way I get a lot of my raw foods is via smoothies through out the day, I usually have 2. I bought a Blend-tec cause I absolutely decimated 5 blenders I had before.

I'll add more later.
At 7:37am on September 9, 2010, Ann Richter said…
Hey, girl. I'm LOVING your blog! Write on!
At 11:43am on August 31, 2010, Chris said…
No worries. That's good to know. I've run since i was a teenager but started training more seriously the last few years. I recently had an injury so i'm just getting back into training and i'll likely gear towards next summer. I'm actually looking for a training shoe for longer runs which is why i mentioned the frees. I was using a neutral Karhu but the new version just feels off (and not near as colourful). Good to know the nike free's aren't the best for longer runs...back to square one i guess.
At 8:26am on August 28, 2010, Ann Richter said…
Hey, Rebekah! Your comment on dietary fat and weight loss was totally on point and well stated. I'm sure it's helping others to have that info. Right on!

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