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2010: The Long Year of Recovery

2010 was a very painful and long year.  Boxing has been on the distant back burner, but still burning hot.  The year started off with an elbow injury which sidelined me for Golden Gloves.  In April, the Doc said I was good to go, so back to training I went.  I trained for almost two weeks and I was in a car wreck.  I have spent the rest of the year having my back fixed.  I had some pinched discs and twisted vertebrae.  I am just now getting back to working out, its been a long very difficult…


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I took Vega Sport drink before my normal run of four miles. I usually wear full sweats which for me is two pairs of fleece sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt and two fleece hoodies on with both hoods up on my head, which I wore today. It's not the easiest thing I have to do in my training, but gotta do it. well, today in Austin at 5:30p.m it was mid-80's and fairly high humidity, which doesn't make things any easier. SO...I drank the Sport, stretched and took off. Not really knowing what to… Continue

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Workouts during Football Season

Working out for me is extremely difficult during football season, NO it's not because I am insane and fanatical about the sport, but I work at ESPN Radio, so football is king right now, not that it isn't always king in Austin, Longhorn country, but it is very crazy right now. Not only that, but baseball is heading into playoffs, hockey and basketball seasons are both just starting or about to. I have to workout three or four hours a day, not just to workout for boxing, but for me to feel good… Continue

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Games of Texas Fight

The fight started out, we met in the center of the ring. I jabbed a couple times, landing one of them and we circled some. We had some exchanges, both of us landing solid shots. The first round ended and I went to the corner. My trainer told me that he was countering my jab so I needed to throw it more and more and not give up on it. So the second round started and we met in the middle again, both wanting to win and have the dominant position in the ring. We traded shots and I landed a solid… Continue

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Getting ready for the Games of Texas Boxing Tournament

The last two weeks have been intense at the gym I have had to drop from 153lbs. to 141lbs. currently I am at 144lbs. Workouts have extended from 2 to 3 hours workouts, to 3 and 4 hour workouts. I start my workout by warming up with 20 minutes of jump rope, then I move on to shadowboxing. Shadowboxing, is very crucial to boxing because this is the time you perfect the art, the technique and master all the combos while you look into mirrors so you know the form is correct. I will do 6 rounds of… Continue

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