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So I did my first adventure race as a Thrive Nutrition Vegan-ite...After about 6 hours, I had to fall back to some commercial gels as the energy bites I made and the gel just wasn't doing it. I wore a HRM and was testing how many calories per hour I was burning out there snowshoeing, skiing and running through deep snow. It was close to 600 kcal/hour. I was just burning too much to eat only dates and coconut oil. I'm not disappointed though. After 9.25 hours of racing in the mountains and drinking nearly 5 L. of water on a hot day, my recovery was very fast and I got back to an easy training run the day after with no ill effects. I supplemented with electrolytes, and LCP gel and liquid. My post race recovery food was Recovery Pudding and about a liter of coconut juice. I also scarfed a vegan pizza that I had prepped the previous day and kept cold. No hardcore sugar cravings, or crashes. Just a level, exhaustion which was well a couple of well placed blisters!!

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Comment by Jay Crawford on March 10, 2010 at 12:34pm
WOW! thats sounds fun!

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