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Enjoy the weekend ahead and read some of our favorite natural health and veg headlines from this week:

Dear PETAVegan Hope
• Can Children Be Vegan and Vegetarian? – Examiner
• Fruits and vegetables, good for the bones?LA Times
• Why Slow Food Equals Good Health – Wellwire
• What’s Anti-Aging About a Tomato? - Eat Smart, Age Smart
• Food for thought on junk food taxesLA Times

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Comment by Frances Worster on August 28, 2009 at 3:27pm
WOW! It is antics like these that makes it hard to take PETA seriously. They're like a gun loaded for Russian roulette, vegans/vegetarians/others who hold similar values to PETA, are just as likely to get shot as your meanest fur-wearing carnivore who likes to douse the wetlands in oil as weekend fun...hmm...
I'm also interested about the statement about a "planned" vegetarian/vegan diet for children. An unplanned SAD diet can also result in children being deficient in important micro/macro-nutrients, yet it is always in reference to veggie diets that it is stressed that parents must PLAN carefully.

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