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When I 'mentioned that I was purely plant based whole grain (no animal product) Vegan, my friends and family all kind of gasped and said, "That's crazy I can't go without meat, where would I get my protein???" Well, as all Vegans should know, or at least Vega users know, protein is metabolized in the body and broken down into the amino acids the body needs to reconstruct the protein it uses, so, adequate levels of protein are available in the whole food, plant based diet!


Anyway, I digress, back to the point, so in July of 2010 I switched my diet completely to a  Vegan diet, but even more strict as I try to stay away from oils also. In about October, everyone noticed that I was getting thinner, and I felt GREAT! My neighbors have began a transition as has my mother and various others I come into contact with. The transformation in health and wellness was too much to be explained away! My cholesterol also dropped 100 points and I completed the Chevron Houston Marathon last Sunday. I continue to use Vega Sport and the Vega bars as a supplement to my rich plant and whole grain diet and I feel fantastic!


I only hope that all those I come into contact with will begin to understand the importance of diet in overall health, wellness, athletic performance, and piece of mind!

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