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Smoothies... wonderful for breakfast, but what happens if you’re running late or simply don’t have all the ingredients you need?

Meet the Vega One Bar — everything you love about Vega One Nutritional Shake, now in an on-the-go bar. Made from natural, whole food ingredients, Vega One Nutrition Bar is a convenient, all-in-one supplement, packed vitamins and minerals, 15g protein, 6g fiber, 1.5g Omega-3, plus antioxidants, probiotics and greens. Yes, clean, plant-based nutrition really can be dipped in chocolate....

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Comment by Tania Frechette on March 18, 2013 at 1:30pm

Hi! I noticed that 2 of the bars have pumpkin seed butter. The chocolate almond bar doesn't seem to have any. Is true? Just want to make because I am allergic to pumpkin seeds.

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