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My "Aha" Moment:

"Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal"

Sonic Drive-In (Fast Food Restaurant)

Daily Smoothies - Recipe from Dr. Oz

I turned 16 years old on March 7th, which also happened to be my first day of my first job. I worked at Sonic Drive-In Fast Food Restaurant. I immediately stopped consuming SODAS, RED MEAT, and ALL FAST FOOD. I later also cut out all DAIRY. I also later stopped taking my prescription medications (antibiotics that made the pores in my face look model perfect, but tore up my immune system). I then started to repair my health by doing Daily Smoothies (I got the recipe from Dr. Mehmet Oz). Before that I, like most high schoolers, didn't eat Breakfast. So having a Healthy Start to the Day was a Huge Turning point! It encouraged me on a physiological level to eat healthy throughout the day : )

I contribute this huge change in my lifestyle/diet to not only my personal job experience, but the book that I started to read while waiting for Sonic to open (I was the first employee the boss hired in January and the store didn't open 'till March).

It was a pivotal point in my life. I will always be thankful that my first job was at an awful Fast Food Restaurant --- it OPENed my eyes!

To be honest (I swear, no brown-nosing, haha); when I first read The Thrive Diet in 2007, it was another pivotal point in my way of life and diet. I will always be grateful to these books that have made such an impression on me.

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