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I am 55 years old, retired, living on the coast in South Carolina.  I became vegan in the wee hours of January 4, 2011 after watching the documentary "Earthlings."  I had once been lacto/ovo vegetarian for almost three years, so the transition wasn't foreign to me and pretty simple.  I got a lot of info from and and links from these sites.  I also got back into competitive running beginning in June of 2010.  I was overweight and way out of shape.  I began by powerwalking everyday and eating one meal a day.  By October, I had transitioned running into my walking routine, running sections of the 8.6 miles course, gradually increasing the distances. I managed to shed 43 pounds! I got to where I could run the whole thing, and that's been it. I'm averaging around 51 miles a week training now. Two weeks ago I ran a 15K, my first race in 5-6 years, and won my age group. I have a 10K this weekend.  I look  forward to continue educating myself regarding vegan nutrition and sports, and to spread the word about veganism.

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